The history of the iPhone, on its 10th anniversary

Internet History Podcast: Stop for a minute and imagine how momentous a change the iPod engendered within Apple itself. This was a company that, for nearly 30 years, had been a personal computer company. The blue sky thinking that allowed Apple to make a stand-alone MP3 player—to enter a mature market as an outsider and believe it could dominate—also engendered the sort of fearlessness that made it possible to break with other long-standing Apple shibboleths. Source: The history of the iPhone, on its 10th anniversary

Apple Releases iOS 10.2 with new Emoji, TV App, and More

Apple released iOS 10.2 to the public today, bringing new and redesigned emoji, a variety of improvements to system apps and settings, and, for US-based users, the debut of the previously announced TV app . New Emoji iOS 10.2 is a notable release for emoji: Apple is now fully supporting the Unicode 9 emoji specification that includes 72 new emoji first approved by the Unicode Consortium earlier this year. Source: Apple Releases iOS 10.2 with new Emoji, TV App, and More A few nice little updates to iOS 10.2. The Camera preserve one is a very welcome feature.

Mac OS X Welcome Videos

Up until Snow Leopard, new versions of Mac OS X would play a welcome video during installation. These helped set the stage for the new operating system. Cheetah, Puma and Jaguar shared a video that highlighted the new Aqua interface. Source: Mac OS X Welcome Videos I miss these little delights.

PowerBook to MacBook Pro

Jason Snell, at Macworld: In a moment of somewhat unexpected nostalgia at its most recent media event, Apple pointed out that it was the 25th anniversary of the PowerBook. (It’s good to know that, 27 years later, Apple still would rather nobody remember the Mac Portable.) I’ve been a Mac laptop user since the original PowerBook era. Source: PowerBook to MacBook Pro My first Mac was the 12″ PowerBook G4. I remember seeing my friend’s iBook and at the time I was looking for a new computer. I’d always been a PC person, building my own computers (watercooling and the …

‘Designed by Apple in California’ Book Alongside Actual Products

There aren’t many people other than Stephen Hackett who could have made this video. ★ I got my ‘Designed by Apple in California’ book a couple of weeks ago. It’s still in its box and Apple Store bag. I’ve got a product shoot in a couple of weeks that I’m hoping to use as an opportunity to record an unboxing video.