Fixing the buffet line

Heres the obvious way: Watch people waiting to go through the line. Find the spot where the line slows down, where theres a gap between one person and the next. Thats the spot that needs attention. Add a few spoons, pre-portion the item, remove a step. Source: Fixing the buffet line

When your marketplace shifts

The marketplace disruption puts huge pressure on any merchant who merely created a commodity. This means vineyards, graphic designers, photographers, etc. When you see it coming, there are only two choices: Run like hell to a new market, or, Move up, faster and more boldly than anyone thinks is rational. Source: When your marketplace shifts

Tricked into playing the wrong game

The intelligent writer who dumbs down her work in order to make it more popular. The successful small businessperson who gives up the edge that made the business work in order to make it bigger. The entrepreneur who stops leading in order to chase a trend and get funded. Source: Tricked into playing the wrong game